Marriage Coaching Can Help You Save Your Marriage

You Can Save Your Marriage From Divorce

It’s NOT Too Late To Transform Your Relationship And Return to The Love You Once Had!

I know because I have helped hundreds of couples all over the world go from a marriage in crisis to turn things around and create an even deeper connection, more passionate, everlasting intimate relationship than they ever had.

There is hope that you CAN turn things around but you need to understand there are things that will make that happen and there are things you could do that will tear you farther apart. If you value your marriage, you must take the proper action. If you really want to save your marriage, discover how  . . .

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Has your spouse just told you they were leaving, talked about ending the marriage, or telling you they love you but are not “in love” with you anymore? Those words hurt.  It’s so painful to feel you are about to lose someone you love so deeply. What should you do?

Know that YOU CAN save your marriage even if your spouse has given up, called an attorney, walked out, is angry, had an affair, or claims there is no hope. You can take action to turn your relationship around because I have seen it happen again and again. I can help you do the same. Remember action cures panic and fear.

Having to face the possibilty of losing love is awful, lonely, and just plain brutal.  You may have just found out your spouse is having an affair – or is withdrawn and distant. As a matter of fact, you may be barely speaking to each other let alone receiving any affection or a kind word. You may now be living like room mates and sleeping as far away from each other as possible on opposite sides of the bed. It may have gone a step farther than that with one of you moving to another bedroom or sleeping on the couch.

Betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment, resentment and just plain feeling let down by your partner is the deepest pain we can know. That pain gets even worse when it feels as if our relationship is failing and falling apart. All you want to do is make the pain stop and get back that passionate, connected relationship you once had – that or run out the door to escape the inevitable.

You just don’t know what to do, how to turn things around, or when this pain will ever end. alt-"relationships"

Let’s face it, we all bring baggage to our love life, whether that’s from parents who had relationship troubles of their own, or past relationships that we couldn’t fix. The core of those past issues can work their way into our current relationships and trip us up, especially when our partner is dealing with similar issues of their own. We bring unhealthy patterns and bad habits that get in between the two of us and tear us even farther apart. None of this is intentional.  I don’t know one single person that has set out to destroy the very one they looked so forward to having in their life. We just forget to give that person what we did so naturally in the beginning. We lose our way.

One of the primary ways these problems manifest is in our arguments; you know, the ones that never seem to end, keep repeating over and over again,  and they seem pop up when you least expect it or thought you had moved on?

That can feels horrible. It may even feel like it sucks the joy of life right out of you. Did you know that often couples are surprised when they realize the real problem or challenge that caused all the pain in the first place is the very thing when turned around, that will allow you to deepen your love for each other ?

You may feel like all hope is lost, but if there’s one thing I know that can help you save a relationship, it’s to do something about this now before it gets any worse. Knowing what action to take can make the difference between losing everything or creating something wonderful. Some behaviors you have right now, will need to be changed. There will be new relationship skills to learn to help to keep things on track. And there will be some digging to do to get down to the root cause so that it never returns. That is what i am really good at.

Here’s how to turn your relationship around . . .

1) Don’t give up. Have hope – this is huge and you must be willing to make the commitment to hang in there

2) Whatever changes you make – stay at it. Be consistent. Don’t decide to change based on your spouses response or lack of response.

3) Don’t let panic take over and show up as needy and wanting comfort from your spouse. This is the time for you to take the right action!

4) Recall the complaints you have heard over the years and do something about them

5) Connect through positive ways. 

6) Work on YOU which will help you make a huge difference in your relationship too


Your Marriage Doesn’t HAVE To End   – You Don’t Have To Lose Everything . . .  

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Save Your Marriage By Knowing Just What to Do

(Most importantly what NOT To Do!)

If you find yourself begging and pleading, showering your spouse with gifts and attention, ignoring the situaion – know that this won’t work.

Sometimes you are so close to the situation, so deep into it that it’s difficult to see the big picture and get to the root cause. You need Hope and Strength, and Direction – a plan that fits your unique situation.

Imagine walking into your home being greeted with excitement and happiness instead of coldness, indifference, or rage. Together we can get there.

It’s not too late to Save Your Marriage – even if you are the only one that wants to. A Marriage Crisis Doesn’t Just Go Away. If there is no intimacy, no connection, no happy conversation, no joy – you need to act now. Things will not just get better without the right action. I can help you.

Find out now how to turn your relationship around and save your marriage now.