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Debbie Rivera has helped hundreds of men and women fix a broken relationship, get past an affair, overcome obstacles or a crisis, even a traumatic event so that they can heal from the pain and resentment that has stopped them from having a happy, thriving, growing, and fun relationship to transforming their lives together so that they live a life with a passionately fulfilling lasting love.

You are definitely wired to connect with each other on a deep level where you are understood and accepted. Sometimes the relationship wires don’t connect right – the connection no longer works the way it is supposed to. You actually feel disconnected, misunderstood and unaccepted for who you are. You start growing apart more and more. This new focus changes the way you interact with each other.  You make the change gradually from focusing on the two of you to everything and everyone else.  At first it is hard to see but a distance is growing between the two of you. Something is missing for you and yet you can’t quite put your finger on it. You are no longer feeling fulfilled and happy.  You recognize that something has definitely changed. This is a defining moment for the two of you. It only gets  more difficult to connect again from here. Now is the right time to do something about it. Take action.

Time and time again couples have shared a similar story about how easy it was in the beginning – how great things were, some even defining it as magical. Now it just seems to be so difficult and exhausting. The fun has gone. The communication is down to two or three questions about schedules and what’s for dinner instead of the long endless nights of listening to each other. It is time to change all of that.

You can change your relationship to one that intimately connects and communicate for understanding what each of you needs to feel loved and appreciated.

Find your answers for exactly how to resolve your own hurt and sadness within your relationship so that you are no longer on a  roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  That  will only add to your fears, worries and doubts and create an atmosphere of uncertainty by not knowing where things are going…

You can’t solve anything this way.

Think of how different your life can be by not only knowing what is really causing your relationship to become distant and unsatisfying – but by turning things around completely so that it better than ever before.

Get answers based on  your unique situation so that you begin closing the huge gap and disconnection between the two of you right away.

You can have the deeply fulfilling and committed relationship with the one you love.

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Her Faces Of  The Heart brand is dedicated to empowering men and women with tools to create connection and love physically, spiritually and emotionally within their relationships.

With her Change Your Relationship, Change Your Life model, an investment in her RHL Virtual Mastery coaching program triggers your deepest desires for restoring and keeping love alive with the love of your life.

Through her dynamic coaching programs, home study programs, live events and blog, Debbie educates and inspires couples to stay connected and focus on fulfilling the needs that each of you has individually. You feel a certain safety and understanding when you work with her and you will soon get to know her with a rare mix of humor, wisdom, and razor-sharp insight. She’s well known for her down to earth, warm-caring-understanding style.

Debbie encourages couples to expand the possibilities so that you can create the relationship you really want. In other words, co-create a relationship that is right for the two of you.

This in itself is a freeing experience as you will no longer be stuck in old paradigms and relationship damaging patterns.

After graduating at the University Of Alabama at Birmingham with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, she worked as an accountant for several years before starting her own business. She worked as a wedding planner and through this experience (you have no idea what happens behind the scenes at a wedding), decided to shift her focus to helping couples stay together and achieve a lifetime of love.

A born and raised California girl, Debbie now happily spends her time living on the other coast in Tampa, Florida, with her love interest – A.K.A her husband David and finding creative ways to spend time with each of her children.

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