Saving Your Marriage After The Affair

The Infidelity Recovery Method

Yes – you CAN get past an affair?  There is no quick fix once there has been cheating, but there is a proven way to heal and have an even better relationship.

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The “7 Step Affair Repair Program will help you relieve the  painful heartbreak from the devastating news that your partner was unfaithful to you.

The Affair Repair Program offers a structured path from the time you first learn of the devastatingly, painful betrayal towards healing, repairing, and moving you closer to each other than ever before.

The 7 Step Affair Repair Program takes 2 -3 months to complete.

Nobody said that this process is easy. However, The Infidelity Recovery Method will give both people in the relationship a greater understanding of the real cause of affairs; how to relieve the symptoms of unhealthy behaviors, knowing what triggers the contant fears and images in your head, and being unhappy

For the one that has been betrayed:

Managing the fears and self doubt

Rebuild self confidence

Help managing the threat of loss

Knowing what to do with all those thoughts and images in your head

Ways to release the pain

Discover how to trust after the affair

How to forgive move forward

For the one that has cheated – there are action steps to take such as:

Help ending the affair

Managing the feelings that come from ending the affair

Begin the healing process and find out what one thing you can do to help your spouse

Knowing the root cause and how to fix it once and for all

For you as a couple:

You will be given a strategy to prevent future infidelity

Help to correct the negative old patterns and behaviors that destroy love

Create the relationship that works for both of you

Thrive as a couple

Your own relationship plan to ensure you stay “in love” and connected


This 7 Step Affair Rpair Program is unique for your own situation and relationship. The focus is on the affair – and reconnecting as a couple considering the infidelity – either an emotional affair or a physical affair.

The Infidelity Recovery Method has a 90% success rate, where as traditional Marriage Counseling fails in 75% of cases when addressing the issue of infidelity & affairs.


  •  Couples Assessment
  • Phone & Email support during the entire program
  • Private individual sessions
  • Couple Sessions


Within The Affair Repair Program, issues covered include:
Love Making,
Boundary setting,
Emotional Attachments,
Emotional and Funtional Needs,
Healing Past Hurts
And more depending on your relationship