Love With Reckless Abandon

Love Recklessly, Completely

How To Put Aside Your Fears And Love With Reckless Abandon

The following was submitted by one of my clients sharing her thoughts around love)

“Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon” – Unknown

alt="Love With Reckless Abandon"I seem to have conquered only one of these so far.  I am very passionate about all things food.  I love reading and trying out new recipes.   I take great pleasure shopping at fancy grocery stores and experimenting with new ingredients. 

Today it crossed my mind;

  • Why can’t I let myself love recklessly?
  • Why am I so guarded in love?
  • What am I afraid of love?
  • What do I really stand to lose?

With the first quarter of the year pretty much behind us I have taken some time to reflect on my goals for 2012 and my progress towards achieving them.

My primary goal was to “Be consistent, pick my path and then continue down that path.”
How did I plan to do this?  I started by making a list of things that I could do to boost my self-confidence.

They included:

  1. Always do my hair and makeup – do this for myself, not for someone else.  If I like how I look I will feel better about myself.
  2. Dress nicely – this doesn’t mean that I have to dress up everyday.  I just take care in my appearance and wear clothing that accentuates my positive attributes.
  3. Get to know myslef – this has been a very rewarding exercise.  I record my thoughts, negative and positive as well as my daily affirmations.   
  4. Be kind and generous – working towards always treating others as I would like to be treated
  5. Set small goals and celebrate my achievements – still struggling with this.  I think I set my goals too large.
  6. Focus on solutions instead of problems
  7. Be grateful
  8. Exercise
  9. Accept compliments gracefully

I am feeling reasonably happy with my progress on these items.  What I had failed to consider was my need to overcome my fear of loving.  I cannot continue down my chosen path if I allow my fears to control my life.  I must speak my truth and show my love unconditionally to allow myself to be open to receiving the love I need and desire so very much.