Couples Marriage Retreat

Sometimes A Marriage Needs A Time Out – A Chance To Reconnect At A Couple’s Retreat

Getting time to recharge your sense of self and focus on your own individual needs to feel the love is important.

Have you ever wondered what has happened to the warmth in your marriage?

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Time to reconnect . . .

Remember when you felt as if you really would live happily ever after? Now you just aren’t close anymore.

It doesn’t have to stay this way.

The nonstop stresses of today’s busy world can knock the wind out of any relationship.

That’s why taking the time out from life at a couples marriage retreat helps you focus on your relationship and can make such a powerful impact in your marriage.

Sometimes we just don’t feel the love anymore and instead of fun, your marriage can feel like  another job.

Giving yourselves the time to catch up with each other and open up to each other will bring back those familiar feelings you share for each other.

When heart and soul – time and attention are given a safe place to realign and regain with a getaway or weekend retreat, then bodies and minds will follow…

Smart couples know that a romantic getaway, even an easy weekend retreat, can do wonders to restore the spark of love. But first you might need a little nudge to confront the issues that have been building up inside for a long time and need to be released and understood . . .

That’s when a personalized couplesl retreat can help both of you get to the heart of your relationship and rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place. Whether you need a marriage retreat or spiritual rejuvenation in your relationship, a couples retreat  is a perfect choice for you.

Traditionally couples retreats and marriage retreats are built around a group workshop. In most of these weekend retreats, you’re crowded in with many other participants, and locked into the group schedule. That’s hardly time alone with your beloved!

The VIP Couples Retreats offers a blissfully private retreat for just the two of you. Our couples marriage retreat ensures that you’ll meet one-on-one (or two-on-one) with . As you relax into their loving care, you’ll feel the tensions and resentments melt away.

When time is limited, pull out all the stops on your spiritual retreat. Get the most for your precious time and money. Make sure that your romantic weekend gets to the heart of what’s going on for you and your partner, so that when you step back into your busy life, the love …

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Couples Marriage Retreats Are Guided To Help You Share Your Truth

Communication 101

Healthy, honest communication is essential to establish and maintain a thriving marriage.

Most couples admit they experience difficulty having meaningful conversations with their spouse. Some sadly say, “We don’t really talk at all.”

Get the 3  vital keys to make this easier than you can even imagine or have experienced before in your marriage.

Understanding and Expressing Love

What should couples do when those exciting feelings of love seem to be long gone?

There are 5 secrets to rekindle those emotions with some easy strategies that help husbands and wives express love to their spouses and create your own love language which is one of the secrets.

Initiating Positive Change

Each of you adds value and bring something unique to the marriage. Some of this lies in the feminine and masculine of who you are.

It is important to take a look at the significance of both of you, your own sense of self, and how you are as a partner, this will help gain clarity and understanding so you can each transform your marriage and create a positive change. You’ll also receive advice on how to handle strong disagreements, power struggles and poor decisions.

Making Sex a Mutual Joy

There are three parts to receiving and giving joy.

How to Share the Things that Bug You

When differences within your marriage begin to give rise to resentment, how do you bring those issues up without damaging your mate? In this session, new tools will  help you with this one. It’s not as difficult as it seems and this will allow you to  lovingly accept your spouse while letting your voice be heard. Learn the delicate art of constructive criticism and the value of a good laugh with your spouse.

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Get in touch with each other again.

The Couples Marriage Retreat will help you redefine and recreate your relationship. We will look at not only how far apart you have drifted but identify what  we can do to turn this all around.

That way you can find your way back to each other and the love and passion that lives in each of you. Even when you don’t know how to find it again.

The best part is that all you need is provided. What you leave with – new found love – is priceless.

Marriage is like a beautiful garden that must be tended and taken care of to let the beauty live and the weeds removed.

I will show you how. Call now about scheduling your Couples Marriage Retreat.

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