Marriage Workshops and Seminars

Connecting With Each Other In Our Marriage Workshops and Relationship Seminars

Join our Marriage Workshops – Journey To Intimacy

Marriage Workshops bring new vitality and energy to your relationship with these male-friendly, guilt free, and fun marriage enriching relationship workshops with Debbie Rivera.

Find out how to stay connected and become closer than ever before by attending one of our monthly marriage workshops.

According to marriage researcher John Gottman, couples let things go in their marriage for six years before seeking help. This is where you can step in and make a huge difference in your marriage before you even get to a place where you feel stuck and are growing farther apart. The whole point of the marriage workshops is to keep you thriving and growing as a couple.

With the Journey To Intimacy Marriage Workshops you will be able to:

  • Build a better home/work/life balance
  • Build and re-build relationships of trust and love
  • Become more effective together in raising emotionally healthy and empowered children
  • Build family traditions, unity, and a “nurturing family culture”
  • Build the skills of being an Empathic Listener
  • Create more Peace, Harmony,and Synergy in your home and in your life

Find out what one ritual you can add to your day to day life that will bring you closer . . .

Consider attending The Journey To Intimacy Workshops –

Great opportunity to strengthen your marriage through the Journey To Intimacy Workshops and Seminars! The entire program can used by churches and marriage initiatives around the country. The relationship workshops and seminars are for couples of all ages and stages of marriage (including engaged couples) and are an exciting, fun-filled approach to building thriving marriages.  You can relax and enjoy your “Journey To Intimacy” experience.  You will have the opportunity to discover new things about each other, to take time to grow together, to laugh together and to affirm each other, and to feel closer.

Come spend six hours with Debbie and enjoy energizing your relationship!  Debbie will start you on the journey to intimacy road that will deepen your love relationship as you continue your journey together.

Journey To Intimacy topics include:

  • Prioritizing your relationship
  • Building communication skills
  • Processing anger and solving problems
  • Cultivating spiritual intimacy
  • Having a light house marriage
  • Setting marriage goals –

Plus you’ll learn how to

  • Balance busy lifestyles
  • Put the sizzle back into sex
  • Become an encourager
  • Increase your fun quotient!

This marriage workshop offers a framework for applying a universal, self-discovery approach that enables couples to open up communication, feel heard, validated and connected.

Participants: 1) clearly see their vision together as a family unit; 2) build a common sense of purpose, values, and goals; 3) learn a process to accomplish family goals; and 4) discover how to achieve better communication as spouses.

You can choose from a Monthly Marriage Workshop or One Day Seminar.

Faces Of The Heart offers marriage and couples relationship programs that are fun, interactive, and  educational workshops to strengthen the relationships of the individual, the couple and the family.

Engaged-Couple Enrichment
Marriage Enrichment Weekend
Married Enrichment Experience
Married-Couple Retreat
Marriage Renewal and Education
Married-Couple Support Group

Our relationship workshops and seminars are both entertaining and educational packed full of great marriage advice and relationship tips to help you thrive and stay connected. The Journey To Intimacy program features exercises to help you as an individual and as a couple improve your communication skills, manage conflict and strengthen your ability to be a team, not slide into certain behaviors and break old patterns that harm the relationship.

Journey To Intimacy groups are designed for engaged, married and couples in committed relationships

Attending once a month, you will be able to focus time and attention on your relationship together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Discuss topics like parenting, problem solving, decision making, communication, hidden issues, teamwork and commitment. The groups are led by trained facilitator and marriage educator, Debbie Rivera, who provides proven tools to strengthen marriages. Space is limited, so please call to register!