Growing Together in Your Relationship

Don’t let things come between you!

You Two Are Great – It’s All The Things From The Outside That Creates The Distance

alt="Growing Together in Your Relationship!"You may be with your soul mate and it is possible that you have been together for many years.  Even if you have been together for 5, 10, 15, 25, or 60 years it’s important for you to always be growing together within your relationship.

This doesn’t just mean that you come together as one and leave the individual sides of you behind, this means that both partners in a relationship must be growing together and know each other’s inner world at all times.

Sometimes you will find your own interests but you can share stories or experiences with your spouse. Other times you will find things you like to do together. This will strengthen your bond as you create more and more memories together.

If you find that your spouse is starting to become too serious or too independent or is growing in new ways while you are having a tough time grasping onto changes then you need to have a honest and open conversation.  Make your perspective known without seeming angry or attacking, just let your feelings of being left behind come out.  This way growing together in your relationship has remained a priority and you don’t let things come between you.

So many couples describe their relationship as if they are living with a room mate they barely know. Sometimes, we just have to connect again and make sure the “we” is what we keep focused on.

One of the ways you can keep growing together in your relationship is to find a common ground to build upon.  If you are both dedicated to your career then you should make a point of growing together in your relationship by teaching each other what has made the other successful at work.  You may have a spouse that has great ideas and you don’t know it because you haven’t asked. You can be supportive and encouraging and be a great listener when one of you is trying to figure a problem out. The common thread is that you are each other’s biggest fan and supporter and can really understand what each other is going through. This will definitely bring you closer.

The truth is that growing together in your relationship is the key to staying together and have a lasting, fulfilling relationship. One that is full of connection, compassion, and friendship. Nobody wants to feel left behind or even feel like they are the ones leaving someone behind. When you see the gaps, get outside and do something together. Take a short walk. Take a drive. Visit something new. Enjoy each other’s company. Make each other laugh. Bring out the best in each other. just takes one of you to get things going. Connection is everything. Don’t let things from the outside come between you.


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