How to Have a Happy Marriage

alt="happier marriage"Simple Things You Can Do and Say To Have A Happy Marriage

Many people fear the institution of marriage because they believe that it takes major things to make a marriage work and they don’t know how to have a happy marriage.  The truth is that you can avoid many things that would normally make your relationship suffer by being aware and kind.  Are you afraid of not knowing how to have a happy marriage?

Here are three things to do to help you have a happy marriage:

  1. Reinforce to your spouse on a regular and consistent basis that they are worthy of your immense love and they are the center of your world.  Marriage is a large commitment and part of how to have a happy marriage is centered in complimenting your partner.
  2. Understand that sometimes the secret to how to have a happy marriage lies in those things on the side of your head, your ears.  Sometimes your spouse just wants you to listen and if you do that then your spouse will feel heard and validated.
  3. The most ignored principle to how to have a happy marriage is the idea of having a “state of the relationship” discussion every now and then.  Ask yourselves how you are doing and what you can do to make your relationship better for the long term. How do you make your relationship a priority? What do you want from your relationship?

    What are some things that you do every day to have a happy relationship? What does this relationship mean to YOU?  Where do you want to be in 5 years as a couple? What can you celebrate today that you have accomplished as a couple? What motivates you to have a happy marriage? What can you say today to your spouse to create  a happy marriage?

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