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Relationship Help For You:

Relationships can be changed and turned around even when only one of you wants to participate. The most important thing to know is that things won’t get better without the right course of action. That’s where I can help you.

Is 15 minutes worth the rest of your life? Get relationship help now.

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You just may just find the answers to your relationship problems by scheduling a session now. Click below to schedule.

Find out what to do now that things have gotten so painful and uncomfortable. With 15 minutes – we can get you back in the right direction. It’s like being thrown a lifeline when the ship is sinking – that in itself is invaluable when you are struggling in your relationship.

You don’t have to do this alone. Set up help now!

Sessions available via phone, Skype, and in person in Tampa Bay, Florida

Relationship Rescue Programs:

Relationship Turnaround: 5 Sessions in 30 days

We will set a course for turning things around in your relationship. We will use a combination of assessments, your very own couples plan, 5 sessions and worksheets that we work on together. I know just what to do to help you get on the other side of your relationship problems. You won’t go through this alone.

Relationship Rescue Plan: 3 Sessions per month

Relationship Triage: 2 Sessions a week for the first two months then 1 session a week for the remaining two months.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Identify what to do based on where your relationship is now which will stop making things worse
  • Speak to your partner and have them listen and take in your words so you can turn things around
  • Close the gap and space between you and rebuild the relationship
  • Heal The Past so things never get in the way of your happiness again because we will uncover the root cause
  • End Painful Conflict: Resolve painful recurring conflict once and for all, and dissolve stress and tension so you can enjoy your life together
  • Divorce Proof your relationship and create a safe place for both of you that invites intimacy and connection
  • Feel Deeply Connected where you feel loved, accepted, appreciated, and desired
  • Passionate Love: Learn how to keep the spark of passion alive (Do this one thing – and it will change everything)
  • Have Healthy Habits while removing old patterns that each of you brought to the relationship that don’t work and actually damages your relationship
  • Know how to keep the momentum and live every day in lasting love

Each session is 50 minutes in duration. 

Couples Workshops and Couples Retreats

  • Are you looking to create a relationship that is safe, passionate, and long-lasting?
  • Do you want to take your relationship to the next stage and re-connect with your partner in a new, exciting and much deeper level?
  • Is your marriage or life partnership in trouble, and you would like to turn it around?
  • Are you concerned that you are headed for a separation or divorce, and considering couples therapy sessions to help you change direction?
  • Are you searching for a skilled marriage counselor who will help you create the healthy relationship you never thought possible?
  • Are you interested in learning skills that will help you create more effective communication in your relationships, not only with your spouse or partner but also with your children?
  • Are you trying to heal your relationship after a marital affair?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, that is wonderful!  Why? Because you want to fix what’s broken, build new and fresh opportunities to love and grow because you are brave and willing AND because you love, truly, deeply, and passionately with all that you are.

Whatever stage your relationship is in, we offer Couples Workshops and Couples Retreats that will:

  • Help you and your partner re-establish effective communication
  • Transform your frustrations into vehicles for change
  • Increase the zest and passion in your relationship
  • Inspire you to experience healthy relationships
  • Grow your knowledge of relationships and help you be powerfully relational
  • Whether you are married, engaged, or in a committed partnership, you will discover how to become each other’s best friend, and how to create a healthy, safe, passionate, long lasting relationship

We highly recommend one of our couples retreats and workshops:

Journey To Intimacy workshop for couples

Finding “Us” Again Couples Encounter -centered Intensive private two-day Retreat