Marriage Intensive – Marriage Retreat For Couples

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A marriage intensive or couples retreat is a private personalized three to five day program for couples who are interested in a marriage intensive and effective approach to reconnecting and rebuilding your marriage with a moving forward approach instead of keeping things the same or letting them get worse. All marriage intensives and couples retreats will help you to heal, transform, and reconnect you as a couple.

Debbie has found that private marriage intensives and couples retreats are highly effective in that they help couples to truly begin the process of deeply understanding one another. They have the time together, the focus, and much needed break from day to day life so that each person can explore where they are in the marriage. During these private personalized intensives and retreats, couples uncover problems and create a whole new way of processing what is said and the real meaning behind the words. Thus the connection becomes the focus.

Whether couples are in crisis or in need of a tune up, a personalized marriage intensive or couples retreat offers the hope of a deeper and more meaningful relationship than ever before. Whether your goal is to restore your fading love, or make major marital decisions, marriage intensives or couples retreats can help you gain insight into your marital issues while teaching you researched based strategies for effective communication and lasting love.

Many couples come to Debbie after an emotional or sexual affair, with one person contemplating divorce or separation and the other wanting to hold the marriage together. In this situation, it is then that she can aid couples in understanding the genesis of their problem(s), explore potential options together, and help facilitate the healing that can help the couple move forward.alt="marriage intensive"

Unlike other marriage intensives and couples retreats, Debbie advocates for the marriage, but in a way that sees the two people and what has happened to them within the marriage. The objective of her marriage counseling is to support a couple in their relationship goals – what they really want.

Debbie’s work is professional and non-denominational. She believes that people have the right to be happy in their marriages and that children greatly benefit from healthy marriages. She also believes that the most important goal in marriage counseling is to open up the truth and to do that with love and respect.

Private Marriage Intensive or Couples Retreat

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you were just getting warmed up when the therapist said, “Session is over” or “We need to stop now until next week”? Most couples who come to Debbie for marriage intensives have expressed a similar frustration. Working on your marriage deserves the time it takes to be heard, the appropriate space and complete focus. In order to get to the real matters of the heart, to truly dig deeply and obtain understanding, enough time must be available to explore the relationship, or progress is generally slow.

Having three to five day blocks can be an incredibly satisfying experience for the couple to reconnect. It allows enough time for deep relational guidance and being heard without interruptions.

Marriage counseling is a process of change, of moving the couple forward. The clients and Debbie work together to uncover marital and relational problems, examine existing patterns in the relationship, set goals for the changes the client’s desire, teach ways to effectively achieve those goals, and set the vision for what’s next for the couple.

alt=marriage problems"Whether your marriage is having difficulty or in need of a tune up, Debbie’s marriage intensives and retreats can help give you tools for dealing with the marital and relational issues that seem unbearable, un-resolvable, painful,  and overwhelming. During the marriage intensive or retreat, she will teach couples new ways of communicating designed to enhance their marriage. Couples then practice those skills in session and as part of their evening’s homework. Debbie looks for personal marital challenges and teaches ways to deal with them. This can help couples take things less personally and begin the process of truly understanding their spouse.

The marriage Intensives are held at two Florida locations. Option 1 is Perdido Key (near Pensacola), Florida allows for a more relaxed environment. Tampa, Florida is option 2.