Marriage With An Open Heart

Keep An Open Heart In Your Marriage

alt="Marriage With An Open Heart"

Marriage is ever changing. There are many things that happen within your lives together that influence and change you over time.  When you first start out in your life as a  couple it is all about the two of you. You could talk for hours and endlessly listen to each and every word.  You are curious and wanting to know more about the one you love so you ask great questions to learn even more. You are open to the very essence  of each other. That’s marriage with an open heart.

As your relationship grows, each of you begins to relax and get more comfortable with each other.  You begin to see that there are other things that  need your time such as family and your job. Your mind gets filled up everyday with various forms of communication. This causes a shift in your marriage. You become less focused on each other. This is normal and happens in most marriages. Everything else becomes the priority and focus. Get your marriage back on track by having a marriage with an open heart.

The key is to remember that marriage and the relationship you have with your spouse is the most important relationship that exists in your life. In order to keep the love alive, stay open to each other through having a marriage with an open heart. There is always something new you can learn about each other. The road back is to get back to making your marriage a priority.

Notice the clues that your spouse gives you daily. If you are open to them, you will find out what is happening on the inside – pay attention to what they need from you – from a marriage – from a relationship. There are clues in body language, what is not said, the way something is said, and so on. Being open to the love of your life allows the space between you to close and creates understanding. Be open to each other’s thoughts. Be open to each other’s concerns. Be open to each other’s needs. Make them know that they are a priority to you. In return, they will be open to you. That is you will have a marriage with an open heart.