Marriage Guide To Solving Communication Problems

 Better Communication As A Couple Leads To Great Connection

alt="Marriage Guide To Solving Communication Problems"

When there’s a deep connection between two people, they each know what the other wants and needs. So ask yourself this question about the person in your life: Do you know what it takes to make him or her happy? Do you know what makes them feel love, satisfied, content, and a priority?

Think about minor, moment-by-moment issexperiences, sleep patterns, are they a morning person, where that person likes to eat and what kind of back rub he or she enjoys.

Additionally, think about larger matters as well: Do you know how to help your partner relieve stress? Can you get talk about deeper topics such as dreams and visions for the future?

When she’s struggling at work or with a family issue, can you help her come through the storm and find the sun again? And, just as important, does your partner know how to do this for you as well? If so, that’s another reason to believe that you’ve found “The One.”

The point is that in the beginning of our relationship it is as if we know just what to do for each other. As time goes on we get farther and farther away from those things as we evolve within our relationship. We focus on career or kids more than we focus on each other.

Based on statistics the average couple communicates 12 minutes a day and if they have kids it is a mere seven minutes – which includes all forms of communication such as texts, phone calls, etc and typically covers the logistics of scheduling and planning for day to day life. It is easy to see how that can affect a marriage.

The point is that in order to solve communication problems, you have to create what you both need from each other, keep your marriage and each other a priority, and find ways to connect and stay close to each other.