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Relationship Assessment for Couples

alt="engaged couples"This assessment is for committed relationships only. 

This confidential online 75-question assessment will provide a comprehensive review of the important areas of your relationship along with general recommendations for discussion and goal-setting with your partner. Click on the link below to take your engaged couple assessment.



Books For Engaged Couples:


Marriage Prep Program Prepares Engaged Couples For Marriage

This is easy to do and something that will give to each of you a deeper, closer, more connected relationship.

With a divorce rate that hovers over 50 percent in Florida, it’s clear that pre-marital counseling and education could provide the two of you the insight and support you need for a successful marriage. It is the one thing you do in planning your wedding day that is something very special for the two of you because this one thing will bring you closer than ever before.  you will also receive a discount on your marriage license if you complete the six hours of premarital instruction.

The best part is that you know what to talk about and are guided to expand those conversations for an even greater understanding of each other.

Couples have three options for the program.

1. You can enroll for a series of six one-on-one sessions with a completed in person, via Skype, or by phone. Sessions will be set up by coordinating our schedules.

2. You can attend a series of workshops via tele-conference using your phone or cell phone – that will include five-to-seven other couples.  The group workshops are set for Monday nights at 8 pm EST.  Enrollment for that session is limited to 7 couples. The best part is that you will see that other couples have some of the same issues and arguments. The sharing is helpful and will strengthen you as a couple.

3. Engaged couples in the Tampa Bay Area are invited to attend a marriage prep workshop held locally.

Registration for each format is $49 but couples who complete the program will qualify for a $35 discount on their Florida Marriage License.