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Your marriage can be wonderful again.

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Become close again – Let Debbie Rivera show you how!

I know things can get strained, difficult and painful in your marriage. Remember how wonderful your relationship was in the beginning? What did you both do in the beginning that made you made you believe so completely in each other? What has changed?

When you get to that place in your marriage where all you do is argue or stay in a constant state of tug-of-war you know something’s got to change – fast. Suddenly, what was once so easy and fun gets difficult and feels as if you are nothing more than room mates. Sometimes you get into unhealthy patterns and have brought things to your marriage that can cause problems as well. No one consciously wants that to happen. It just does.alt="Debbie Rivera"

You CAN turn around your relationship and become closer than ever before. It is possible. I have helped people do it time and time again.

It matters to me that you take action right away because divorce is not a practical option. It will cause more pain, more loss, and more damage than you can even imagine. Just ask someone who has been through it. Divorce is not the solution. Have hope that things can be different – even better than before. Think of it this way – you really just want to stop the hurt and disappointment that you feel inside.

Don’t wait and believe that things will get better. Reach out, find someone that can help get to the root of the problem and disconnection. Find new ways to clear up the misperceptions. Discover new relationship skills and add different tools to help you going forward. Break patterns that impact the closeness and connection between the two of you. Get real answers for taking the right course of action for your marriage . Reach out even if only one of you wants it. It just takes one of you to save your marriage. I will show you how.

Why Faces Of The Heart founder Debbie Rivera cares:

  • 53% of households are married couples (70% in 1970)
  • The marriage rate is decreasing, and is at its lowest in 30 years
  • The divorce rate has remained stable since 1988
  • While the exact divorce rate is a matter of debate, experts agree that somewhere between 40 and 60% of all marriages will end in divorce, and that for every marriage there is about one divorce
  • Co-habitation is increasing, with a higher failure rate than marriage
  • Single, separated, divorced or widowed people have higher rates of mental health disorders, depression, and suicide
  • The percentage of young adults who say that having a good marriage is extremely important to them is increasing (94% in one study)
  • Half of all children will spend some time in a single parent family
  • 43% of first marriages end within 15 years
  • 39% of remarriages end within 10 years
  • More than 85% of all adults marry at least once

A summary of a 1999 study by David Popenoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of the National Marriage Project of Rutgers University on “The State Of Our Unions: The Social Health Of Marriage in America” states:

“Key social indicators suggest a substantial weakening of the institution of marriage. Americans have become less likely to marry. When they do marry their marriages are less happy. And married couples face a high likelihood of divorce. Over the past four decades, marriage has declined as the first living together experience for couples and as a status of parenthood. Unmarried cohabitation and unwed births have grown enormously, and so has the percentage of children who grow up in fragile families.”

Faces Of The Heart Programs are dedicated to helping people feel more love, connection, commitment and safety in their relationships. Turning around a relationship is something I know how to do. Also, we also surveyed hundreds of couples that I worked with about the most important areas to improve in their relationship.

These areas included:

            ♥     Spouse is checked out of the marriage and you’re trying to make it work

                 Struggling to survive an affair

            ♥    Marriage is in crisis and you’re trying to save it from separation or divorce

            ♥     You’ve grown apart, the love is gone and want to feel close and connected again

            ♥     Tired of fighting

            ♥    You can’t seem to communicate and get back on the same page

            ♥    Your Marriage is in trouble, you’ve got big problems or big issues you’re struggling with and need some help


Looking for ways to improve your relationship and be open and connected again?  –  then let’s get started now

Let’s turn around the fact that:

   ♥    One of you is unhappy and just wants to feel good again

   ♥    Your previous marriage ended and you don’t want to make the same mistakes again

   ♥   Your spouse is going through a midlife crisis and you are left behind

      There has been an affair and trust has been destroyed

 ♥   You are living like roommates and feel so alone even though you are still together


Don’t give up. Have hope. You want to give it one last chance to get to the other side of where things are today. It took time to get to this place in your marriage. Know that it will take time for the changes to take hold.


Discover principles of a loving, committed, opened, trusting and connected marriage.

Debbie teaches you about the choices you have in how you think, act, and behave and she gives you the tools to make things turn around. The thing is you each feel loved and cherished in a very unique way. That is why it was so great in the beginning – your spouse did this automatically. Along the way there were hurts and broken promises and you stopped getting your needs met. That is a horrible felling but is easy to turn around. Debbie uses understanding and wisdom to empower you and create thought-provoking so you know just what to do.  Don’t worry – she’s quite good at showing you how and leading the way for things to get better. You are never alone in this.

Her desire at Faces Of The Heart is to enrich and inspire couples and families to have stronger, happier, more connected lives together .alt="faces of the heart"