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Making Love Last

TLC For Newlyweds To Avoid Power Struggles

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Congratulations Newlyweds!  The wedding planning is now complete. You have returned from your honeymoon and started to settle into your role as husband and wife and the transition of shifting from the wedding day to the marriage and life you will have together. Life is pretty hectic when you are first married. There is a long to do list from sending out than yous to changing your name on every single thing. The demands are many for newlyweds. Everyone wants your time.  The best thing you can do at this point is keep the focus on your relationship. Have the mindset of making love last – forever . . . with some TLC For Newlyweds.

That is what I call TLC for Newlyweds. Combining lives and becoming a “WE” is the best way to begin. Let’s face it – we each have our own way of doing things based on our families, our background, our life experiences. I always ask couples if there is more than one way to fold the towels. Even with the towel example you can see where we have become used to doing things our own way. Now you can think in a new direction. What way do “WE” want to do things. We can do them any way that is right for us as a couple. This way you can avoid a power struggle.

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