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Healthy Happier Marriage

Strong marriages provide stability and support for individuals, couples, and families. There are many benefits to marriage that you may not be aware of from improved finances to better health outcomes. For example:

  • Financial – In 2008, the median adjusted household income was about $77,000 for married U.S. adults versus $54,000 for unmarried adults.
  • Family benefits – Children raised by parents in healthy marriages are, on average, more likely to have a higher sense of self-esteem, form healthy marriages when they marry, attend college and be physically healthier.
  • Health benefits – A 2007 study from the Mathematica Research Institute revealed that marriage improves certain mental health outcomes for couples (including headaches and serious psychological stress) and increases the likelihood of an individual having health insurance. It is also estimated that personal stress – including divorce – costs U.S. workplaces more than $200 billion in lost productivity each year.

Download this PDF overview from Family Scholars to learn more about the benefits of marriage.

Marriage is a life-changing decision and a relationship that needs time to grow. Interested in discovering new communication skills to help you better interact with your spouse? What about tips for dealing with some of the stresses that come along with marriage such as managing your finances? The following links and resources can help you develop and nurture the best relationship possible for you and your spouse. A happy marriage is within your reach.

Looking for one-on-one guidance or opportunities to interact with small groups of couples to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse? Click here to find a marriage enrichment workshop taking place in your community.